About Vector Comissioning Services

Vector Commissioning Services was founded with the goal of bridging the ever widening gap between the design and construction phase of today’s increasingly complex mechanical and electrical systems.

Many design engineering firms seek commissioning work in addition to their design projects. Our services are deliberately focused on our area of expertise: Commissioning.

Our Approach

Vector provides commissioning and consulting services for building owners and managers focused on quality assurance, sustainability and energy efficiency.  Our mission is to provide superior technical services that maximize facility performance, operating efficiencies and decrease potential downtime.  We are committed to helping our clients maximize return on their largest investment – their facility.

Who Should You Trust with Your Facility?

There have been various attempts by several organizations to regulate and standardize commissioning services and to require commissioning aspects to projects. While this seems like a step in the right direction, it has resulted in a largely myopic approach taken by many firms in the commissioning market.

While checklist review and QA/QC oversight are useful, alone they are incapable of maximizing potential. Vector firmly believes in “hands on” Functional Performance Testing written, customized, and vetted by technical Commissioning Agents with real world experience.

Our technical commission teams have many years of field proven experience. We create more than just a checklist, and more importantly, we have the experience to uncover issues unrecognizable from a superficial list. Creating detailed Functional Performance Tests that put systems through their paces, manipulating every possible condition and failure scenario is the most thorough approach.

How Do You Define a Vector?

Well, if you didn’t pay attention in high school math or physics you may think of the definition “Vector” provided in the movie Despicable Me:

“It’s a mathematical term. A quantity represented by an arrow with both direction and magnitude. Vector! That’s me—because I am committing crimes with both direction and magnitude! Oh yeah! “

Although that definition is awesome, we like to think of a vector as, “A quantity with more than one element” or more than one dimension. Alone one piece of information is manageable, simple even, but reality rarely allows such singularity.  In the commissioning industry moving parts accumulate rapidly. Paying attention to all elements and information available is what we do, treating each piece of equipment as an integral piece of the puzzle to insure they are all working in harmony.

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